10th March 2022

A Fool-Proof Way to Secure that Job Interview

Here are my 3 interesting things for this month…

1.Get to know the hiring manager before you get an interview

Did you know that candidates who know the hiring manager before they interview are 16x more likely to get the job?! Here’s the maths on how that works:

The takeaway: just applying for random jobs on LinkedIn, or even through recruiters, reduces your chance of success.

Try and talk to a hiring manager before you interview. If you want to know more about a low-risk strategy on how to do this, book some time with me here.

2. Finance teams are starting to adopt the latest technology, but there’s a long way to go

In my last newsletter, I spoke about the growth of PowerBI. Here’s a bell curve of adoption of new technology from a broader perspective (you can see the full report here). This research was launched 2 years ago, but I have seen very little movement of this with my clients.

While most are now moving to cloud, far fewer are actively using Advanced Analytics and Visualisation (think PowerBI) or Process Robotics (UIPath or Automation Anywhere).
At the minimum, you should understand what these things mean and what they can do for your team. Ideally, think about how and when your team could start to adopt them.

3. The drivers of change: leading a team through transformation

There is so much transformation going on within finance at the moment (see above)! However, our teams aren’t always happy about it. There are 4 main levers of helping a team through change – to tip people from the old world to the new. But doing this is hard.

Next month, I’m running a course on leading change with the ICAEW. If you’d like to learn more about a strategic approach to planning and implementing change, recognising the emotional responses to change and understanding how to engage people in it, take a look here.

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