Strategy Consulting

Pioneered by Google, adopted by most tech firms and now utilised in most industries, OKRs help turn strategy into action

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OKRs can help take your business forward

Ensure maximum impact

Focus on the goals that really matter to your business to ensure maximum impact

Connecting objectives

Connect team and individual objectives with the overall company vision

Achieve company goals

Achieve goals with a repeated cycle of target and achievement throughout the whole organisation

Success stories

Oliver coached me as I grew my team and personal leadership brand as a first-time director… With his coaching, I was able to deliver success in a challenging and growing business, while building a resilient and inclusive team.

Finance Director, Microsoft

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Oliver has proven to be an invaluable sounding board, helping us to instil best practice in building out the Nivaura finance function… He gets to the heart of issues very quickly, so sessions are always very productive. I would highly recommend him as a coach and mentor.

Gavin Youll, CFO, Nivaura (Fintech Start-Up)

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How it works

How it works

Discovery call

We’ll start with a 30-minute consultation to understand the current situation. Then, we’ll create a bespoke program for your organisation to take you through understanding and implementing OKRs.

The program includes:
  • An introduction to OKR as a management tool
  • How and why OKRs work
  • Why do you need OKRs
  • How to set effective objectives
  • Choosing the most effective metrics
  • Creating bespoke OKRs
  • The benefits of supporting technology
  • How to present OKRs within your company
  • Choosing the right OKR software for you
Oliver Deacon

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