14th January 2022

How to Up-level Your Work and Boost Your Productivity!

Here are my 3 interesting things for this month…

1. Up-level your work

Lots of my clients ask me for reading recommendations, or we talk about their remote working tech. I’ve made a page on my site which lists the most popular recommendations I make. With remote working currently back on again, I strongly recommend investing in a Wi-Fi mesh network such as this one.

2. Maximising your gravitas on Teams calls

While it comes to remote working, the number 1 tip I’ve come across for video calls in the last 3 months is to think like a movie director. 😊 The rule of thirds in film-making breaks the screen into a 3×3 matrix, and in different scenes, action happens in different parts of the screen. During really important moments where the lead character is making an important statement, they will always be in the very middle in the 3×3 box – it increases their gravitas. Think the same way when you are on a video call for maximum impact – making sure your face is filling the middle third of the screen and as much as possible looking straight at the camera (Tip: try to get the camera level with your eyebrows).

Check it out next time you’re watching a marvel movie!

3. Boost your team’s Excel productivity: 50 time-saving tips in Excel

Excel is the tool most of us (or at least our teams) use all the time. When I had university graduates working for me and they would ask how could they improve their excel skills as quickly as possible, I would recommend using just the keyboard shortcuts for a week. Don’t use the mouse in excel, just the keyboard. This handy one-pager from Microsoft has some of the best tips you can use or share with your team.

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