22nd August 2023

Master Your Finance Career with My ICAEW Webinar Series

I recently partnered with the ICAEW to bring you a six part video series covering core topics to help you accelerate your finance career. Now they’re hosted in one easy-to-find place on my website, so you don’t have to trawl around looking for them.

I thought it was important to share these with everyone as they’re a great starting point for anyone looking to further their career in finance.

(In case you’re thinking I’m giving all my secrets away for free though, nothing beats one on one coaching for applying these principles.)

If you’re a client of mine, you can think of these a bit like homework that we expand on in our sessions with individualised support.

Anyway, here’s a quick summary of what I cover in each episode of the series:


1. Future of The Finance Professional

In my first session, I dive into the skills you’ll need to develop to have a successful future finance career. I share insights from my time working as an FD at Microsoft in the US, where I saw first-hand how technology is transforming the finance industry.

I also talk about how you can map out a path for yourself to reach your career goals. The aim of this session is to get you thinking about where you want to be and how you can make it happen.

Watch it here.

2. Figure Out What You’re Famous For

How do you figure out what you’re famous for? It’s something I help my clients do when they’re looking for the next step in their careers (especially if you’re wanting to head towards FD or CFO). But when I say “famous” I’m not talking about fame in the traditional sense. It’s about being known for something that sets you apart from your colleagues.

I introduce you to the Japanese Ikigai framework that helps you identify your strengths, understand your value, and find the problems you love to solve.

If you can do this, you’ll have no problem progressing through the ranks!

Watch it here.

3. How to Build a Great CV and Use the Full Power of LinkedIn

Keeping your CV up to date is one of the best ways to help hiring managers understand the value you can add to their organisation – ultimately helping you land your dream job.

I go over how to build a show-stopping CV, including how to harness the power of LinkedIn to capture the attention of hiring managers and demonstrate your potential.

Watch it here.

4. How to Find a Job You’ll Love

In this session, I show you how to identify your ideal role at your ideal company – and how this will give you a benchmark for success. You’ll learn how to use LinkedIn to research great companies to work for, figure out the problems they’re facing (so you can show how you solve them!) before you reach out to them.

I cover the tried and tested, step-by-step methodologies that top performers use to land their dream jobs.

You can watch the session here.

5. How to Wow in Interviews and Negotiate Your Worth

I use insights from conducting over 150 interviews at Microsoft to highlight the skills and experience hiring managers are really looking for. We look at questions such as ‘What should I prep for?’, ‘How do I explain these weird bits on my CV?’ and ‘How do I tell my story effectively?’.

This video also covers how you can negotiate to make sure you get the right job offer for you.

Watch it here.

6. How to Manage Your Career Like a Pro

When it comes to making the right career choices, it can be hard for anyone – finance professionals included. In this episode I discuss how to structure your career thinking, and teach you the skills you need to succeed.

I go over what matters when it comes to getting that promotion and owning your development plan.

Watch it here.

Need help developing your professional skills?

I coach great finance leaders to become even better versions of themselves.

If you want to demonstrate your strengths and work on the skills that will help you climb the finance career ladder, I can help.

Get in touch with me to book a free 30-minute discovery session. Together, we can lay out an action plan and help you understand what finance coaching can do for you and your team.


Oliver Deacon

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