Working with Remote and Hybrid Teams

Keep your team motivated, productive and cohesive, wherever they’re working

Oliver Deacon

Setting the scene

In a rapidly evolving environment, effectively leading teams that are split between remote working and onsite in office working is for the foreseeable future a critical skill for finance leaders.

As finance teams start to transition from home working to a few days in the office, team motivation, productivity, transparency and cohesion can be materially impacted.

Effective communication and business partnering can be heavily impacted by an interrupted flow of information and reduced morale, as a result of either virtual working or teams split between home and office.

What you'll learn

Key challenges

Understand the key challenges of leading remote and hybrid finance teams

Key leadership skills

The key leadership skills required for effective remote and hybrid teams

Communication strategies

How an effective communication strategy can improve agility and maximise productivity

Business partnering

Best practices for remote business partnering and building credibility

Aligning priorities

How setting and aligning on priorities remotely can enable decision support

Boosting productivity

Understand the importance of empowerment and accountability in boosting productivity

Remote working toolkit

Using remote working tools effectively, including Teams, OneNote and SharePoint

Core Elements

Which is harder: Fully Remote or Hybrid?

Understand the key challenges of leading remote and hybrid teams.

Focus areas for Remote and Hybrid Teams

The key areas that need focus for remote and hybrid teams.

Why a communication strategy is key to team alignment and productivity

Communication strategies that will facilitate team alignment and productivity.

Countering demotivation and burnout

How to motivate your team and support people that may be burnt out.

Remote business partner strategies to build credibility and influence

Techniques to build credibility and influence, even as a remote team member.

Remote Decision Making and Influence

The critical decision making skills needed for remote working.

Challenges of leading a remote finance team

Unpack the challenges encountered when leading a remote finance team.

How leadership skills are different for remote teams

Explore the different leadership skills needed to successfully lead remote teams.

How priorities can be used to improve team effectiveness

Use priorities to increase your team’s effectiveness and productivity.

Objective setting and empowerment to effectively lead remote teams

How to effectively lead your remote team using objectives that drive results.

Providing remote leadership on difficult decisions and time-critical situations

How to manage difficult decision making and time-critical situations as a remote leader.

Tools for remote finance communication and processes

Tools that facilitate great communication and smooth processes.

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ICAEW/Faculty/Community Member
£375 +VAT

Practical application
£575 +VAT