Measuring ROI on commercial activity

Get to the core of commercial ROI

Oliver Deacon

Setting the scene

Measuring the ROI on commercial activity can sometimes seem like a mysterious art. One that asks more questions than it answers.

What incremental uplift in sales has that promotion really achieved? Do your rebate structures deliver value? How has that advertising campaign performed? How are your new offerings performing in the market? What impact is your social media activity having?

This course equips you with powerful techniques to partner with commercial colleagues to get to the core of commercial ROI and influence business outcomes. If there is a need for ‘Commercial Acumen’ in your role, this is the course for you.

What you'll learn

ROI 101

When and how ROI can be used to drive commercial decisions

ROI toolkit

Tools and techniques for measuring ROI on common commercial activities

Risk vs Reward

Variables impacting ROI recommendations including drivers, unit economics and risk-reward

Measuring external ROI

Factors impacting ROI of optionalities, synergies and externalities


The basics of customer lifetime value, its use cases and considerations

Managing uncertainty

Sensitivity analysis and generating scenarios for uncertain outcomes

Bridging the gap

How to bridge the gap between strategy, commercial activities and robust financial analysis

Differing viewpoints

The viewpoint of commercial teams, and how/why it differs from that of finance

Influencing decisions

How to influence commercial decisions and strategy

Core Elements

What is ROI?

An introduction into what ROI is and how we measure it.

Create a framework

Learn the key frameworks for measuring ROI.

Develop an ROI toolkit

Develop a toolkit of considerations for measuring ROI, including strategy, unit economics and ESG.

Time to get practical

Explore the practical aspects of measuring ROI including preparing and presenting ROI.

Scenario planning

Assess uncertain outcomes using sensitivity analysis and scenario planning.

Big Tech ROI innovations

Look at the Big Tech ROI innovations, taking a portfolio approach.

Inflencing commercial partners

Explore the influencing commercial partners including how and why they work differently from finance.

Course Prices


ICAEW/Faculty/Community Member
£375 +VAT

Practical application
£575 +VAT