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A planned approach to leading all aspects of change

Oliver Deacon

Setting the scene

The current change context for the finance function includes new finance strategies such as deepening the use of automation, robotics and shared services, coupled with more deployment of strategic business partnering, new operating models and developing a culture of continuous improvement.

Against this backdrop, finance leaders are required to stay focused on the change vision, engage others in that vision (including winning over the sceptics), build the right team to deliver this change and keep business as usual on track.

This course outlines a planned approach to leading change and introduces the change ‘balance sheet’. Delegates benefit from a deeper understanding of the emotional responses to change and how to cope better with them – for themselves and for their teams.

What you'll learn

Embracing Change

Achieve a deeper understanding of the processes of change and how to take a strategic approach to plan and implement change

Responding to change

Recognise emotional responses to change and understand how to engage people in the change

Delivering change

Practice tools and techniques to help others through change and win over the sceptics

Core Elements

Your experience of change

Explore how you've managed change in the past.

Engaging others in the change vision

How to help others through change and win over the sceptics.

Resistance to change

Combat resistance to change with these helpful tactics.

The change balance sheet

Lead change with the use of the change balance sheet.

Recognising emotional responses to change

Understand how people may react and behave throughout change.

The impact of change on performance

Look at how the impact of change may alter performance.

Helping others through change

Build the right team to support others through change.

Tools for delivering change

Practice tools and techniques that help you to successfully lead change.

Action planning and review

How to plan, implement, and review your change management plan.

Course Prices


ICAEW/Faculty/Community Member
£375 +VAT

Practical applicationrn
£575 +VAT