Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers

One of the greatest, yet most often overlooked skills of great leadership is being a good coach

Oliver Deacon

Setting the scene

Now, more than ever before, managers are required to be great leaders, effective coaches and strong developers of people.

With remote working and people changing roles at a fast pace than ever, keeping strong talent and being effective at supporting their development is more important than ever.

The thing that many people don't understand is that coaching is the single most critical leadership skill when it comes to developing and retaining strong teams.

What you'll learn

Leader vs Manager

Introduce the concept of great leadership and how it contrasts to management

What is coaching

Understand what coaching is and how great leaders and managers leverage it

Manager as a coach

Introduce the ‘Manager as Coach’ framework

Delivering great coaching

Build a foundation for great coaching and transformative conversations

Building relationships

Create strong relationships with coachees

Communication skills

Effective communication to maximise coaching outcomes

Facilitating growth

Facilitate learning and growth across the team

Setting goals

Learn goal setting methodologies and option generation techniques

Embracing accountability

Understand how accountability is key to success

Core Elements

Leadership and Management

Identify the differences between leadership and management.

What is coaching?

An introduction to coaching.

Why a communication strategy is key to team alignment and productivity

Communication strategies that will facilitate team alignment and productivity.

The magic of coaching: the coaching framework

Introducing the ‘Manager as a Coach’ framework.

Building the Foundation for Powerful Conversations

Create an environment for powerful conversations that achieve goals.

Creating Strong Relationships with your Team

Build strong relationships that get the best out of you and your team.

Effective communication

Deliver results and drive ROI using strong communication skills.

Facilitating Learning & Growth

Help others to thrive as successful finance professionals.

Setting Goals and Understanding the Now

How to look at the present situation, and set relevant future goals.

Generating Options, Aligning on a Plan and Accountability

Lead your team to take accountability and responsibility for their workload.

Putting it into Action

The next steps to lead your team to success.

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