Influencing the strategic planning process

Earn your seat at the table

Oliver Deacon

Setting the scene

Strategic planning is critical to the success of any organisation, but what makes a good strategy? And how, as finance professionals, can you contribute to the debate beyond the numbers?

This course helps you explore the lessons from the world’s most successful businesses.

Learn the importance of creating customer-focused business plans, and how finance should contribute to organisational strategy.

What you'll learn

Gain a competitive advantage

How some of the world’s leading companies leverage different strategic models to achieve competitive advantage

Avoid strategic pitfalls

The seven deadly sins of strategy to avoid being the next Kodak, Blackberry or Blockbuster

Give your input

How as finance professionals we can best contribute to strategic discussions and influence outcomes

Developing a strategic toolkit

How to use a strategic toolkit to assess your organisation’s current strategy, and to identify potential new sources of competitive advantage

Strategic planning process

Apply a 5-stage strategic planning process to create a strategic plan and appreciate how you can add value at each stage

Show your worth

Earn a seat at the table at strategic discussions and influence business outcomes

Core Elements

What makes a good strategy?

Understand what makes a good strategy, and how to use it to boost your business plan.

The 7 Deadly Sins of bad strategy

Know how to spot the telltale signs of a bad strategy, so you can avoid them!

Examples of good and bad strategy

Uncover both good and bad strategies from leading companies.

Strategic toolkit: 6 key models

Explore the six key models that'll help you create a strategy that delivers.

Applying the tools to your organisation

Time to learn by doing, and apply these tools to your organisation.

How to earn your seat at the strategic planning table

Practical advice for how to influence the debate beyond the numbers.

Strategic Planning: Finance’s contribution

Understand your place in the strategic planning of your organisation.

Influencing the executive team

Tips on how to influence business outcomes as a finance professional.

Review & action planning

Time to take action and apply what you’ve learnt.

Course Prices


ICAEW/Faculty/Community Member
£375 +VAT

Practical application
£575 +VAT